Simon Blouin

I am a Banting and CITA National Fellow in astrophysics at the University of Victoria.

I use a vast array of numerical simulation techniques to build improved physics models of white dwarfs (dead stars). By comparing those models to astronomical observations, I use white dwarfs as accurate cosmic clocks, probes of planetary evolution, and tracers of supernovae.

I hold a PhD in Physics from the Université de Montréal (2019). I was previously a Director's Postdoc Fellow at Los Alamos National Lab (2019-21).

You can contact me at

Some highlights of my research

Overview talk on fractionation in white dwarf interiors (KITP, November 2022)

My recent work on the crystallization of white dwarfs (CITA seminar, November 2021)

2022-06-04 Star Party_Trim.mp4

Public lecture on white dwarfs (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, May 2022)


Talk on the cool white dwarf model atmospheres that I have developed (STScI, September 2020)

Short summary of my PhD research (in French)